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Milwaukee man charged, accused of looking under bathroom stalls in Wauwatosa office building

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MILWAUKEE — A 49-year-old Milwaukee man is facing criminal charges — accused of looking under bathroom stalls in the women’s restroom at an office building near Mayfair Road and North Avenue in Wauwatosa.

Timothy Russo

Timothy Russo

Timothy Russo has been charged with four counts of invasion of privacy, habitual criminality repeater and four counts of disorderly conduct, habitual criminality repeater.

According to the criminal complaint, Russo told police he went to the office building because his urges were back. He claims his urges are to “go into the women’s bathroom and look at women.”

Victims told police Russo would lie on the bathroom floor and slide his upper body under the bathroom stall divider and look at them.

After several complaints from building tenants, the building manager looked at surveillance video. Based on the descriptions given by the women in the bathroom, the building manager circulated a memo with a photo attached. Two victims immediately recognized the person who they saw in the bathroom.

The person in the surveillance photo was later identified as Timothy Russo.

According to the criminal complaint, on January 27th the building manager observed, via surveillance video, Russo enter the building again. Police were called to the scene.

When police arrived, they found Russo in the third floor women’s restroom putting his pants and belt back on. When questioned by police, Russo allegedly said  “I didn’t realize this was the women’s room.”

Russo was then arrested.

During an interview with police, Russo said “he has been doing it for years.” Russo explained that he “goes into the bathroom, goes into the handicap stall because it is bigger, [and] waits for women to come in and looks under the stall.”


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