“Complaints leading to an arrest:” Alderman praises neighbors for speaking out about landlord linked to problem properties

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MILWAUKEE -- Alderman Jose Perez is praising neighbors who spoke out against a Milwaukee landlord who is now facing federal drug charges.properties

On Wednesday, February 15th, troubled landlord, Ken Churchill, went on camera and said this:

"I'm not the person they are painting me out to be," said Churchill.

Ken Churchill

Ken Churchill

Churchill signed a guilty plea to a federal drug charge accusing him of knowingly and intentionally distributing a substance containing heroin, approximately 70 grams. Documents released Friday, show agents conducted several controlled buys of heroin from him in 2015.properties3

The city filed a lawsuit on Tuesday, accusing Churchill of neglecting a dozen of his properties on Milwaukee's south side. His buildings have been plagued with drugs and prostitution. They also accuse him of taking bribes to allow drug dealing.

FOX6's Angelica Sanchez: "Did you take cash payments in exchange to let tenants have drug dealing and prostitution?"

Churchill: "I swear to you that is a false allegation. I have too much to lose for one."

Ken Churchill

Ken Churchill

On Saturday, Alderman Jose Perez says the city is pleased with the plea deal and if it needs to it will look into strengthening any current ordinances.

"We always take opportunities like this to figure out how we can talk better with one another and improve what we have in place and if we need to we will amend any ordinance to prevent that," said Alderman Perez.

Jose Perez

Jose Perez

The city is suing to take over the properties and bring in new management. Alderman Perez credits neighbors who never stopped reporting criminal activity.

"All those complaints didn't fall on deaf ears but this is a good example of all those complaints leading to an arrest," said Perez.

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