Milwaukee to ‘Pokemon’ monsters: Get a permit to enter parks

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Pokemon Go at Lake Park

MILWAUKEE — “Pokemon Go” monsters will need a permit to get into Milwaukee County parks after the game’s popularity last summer left officials wondering how to handle large crowds and the trash they left behind.

Members of the County Board of Supervisors who supported a permitting process say they want to be ready for the next craze in augmented-reality gaming.

The ordinance signed Feb. 10 requires game developers to get a permit and pay a fee to use county parks to help with maintenance.

International Game Developers Association Executive Director Kate Edwards says regulations like Milwaukee County’s can stifle the emerging technology’s growth.

In Illinois, lawmakers are considering requiring companies to remove sites from games when they receive a request to do so.


  • Z

    The developer will just deny requests at the parks because they won’t pay for the permits and approve requests at other locations.

  • Robert Master

    This story is VERY misleading. Pokemon Go is EXEMPT from this ordinance as this ordinance ONLY applies to game developers for games AFTER January 1st, 2017. Game players are also TOTALLY EXEMPT from this ordinance.

  • Robert Master

    Personally, I think the game developers should put the stops on the sidewalk directly in front of the houses on Wahl Avenue. In the meantime, we’ll see you at Lake Park. :)

  • Eric Williams

    This article is bogus false and misleading. We the people expect more from the media than what you tell, print, publish in the mainstream news media.

    Pogo in parks PSA.

    the permit law only applies to games that come out AFTER 2017. Pokémon go is fine. If any officer approaches you and says otherwise get em up to date. Fox news and a few other media sources have been posting false articles and I have demanded all of them to correct their facts or take them down. Don’t let the media tell you lies.

    Also, if they for whatever ask to see your phone, they do need a warrant for that you should respectfully request them to show the warrent with your name, if they dont physiclly producre one with your name make sure to request to see it. Without the warrant they do not have the legal right to request to look at your phone nor do they have the right to illegally seize your property, remember they can not take your phone or look through your phone. Remember to research said city ordinance. Fox6 news you need to reevaluate what true and what is false. You are to report real news stories not bogus no merit gossip.

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