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“Not My Presidents Day:” Protests across the country, including here in Milwaukee

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MILWAUKEE -- Protesters turned Presidents Day into "Not My Presidents Day" with demonstrations from coast to coast on Monday, February 20th, including here in Milwaukee. But the rally in downtown Milwaukee was about more than President Donald Trump.

Not My Presidents Day protest in Milwaukee

Not My Presidents Day protest in Milwaukee

Those taking part in the rally said they're concerned about many different issues, including women's rights, immigration and even Senator Ron Johnson, but the thread connecting all the issues was President Trump.

FOX6 News spoke with several protesters, who said they're concerned about the future of our country. One woman said she has many friends who voted for President Trump, and said she's disappointed in those friends. She said she hopes enough people rise up and oppose President Trump's actions.

Not My Presidents Day protest in Milwaukee

Not My Presidents Day protest in Milwaukee

Another woman came with a group holding a sign mocking the proposed wall along the U.S./Mexico border.

"For one, not approving his Supreme Court nominee, not approving his ridiculous Cabinet nominations, I could go on and on," Peg Dyer said.

Not My Presidents Day protest in Milwaukee

Not My Presidents Day protest in Milwaukee

"We're doing this to illustrate the ridiculousness of trying to build a border wall because it doesn't address the true issues with immigration. Right now, there's parents getting deported from American citizen children, and it's not addressing the real issues," Erika Carrizales said.

Not My Presidents Day protest in Milwaukee

Not My Presidents Day protest in Milwaukee

Carrizales said she would like to see immigration reform that involves a path to citizenship for those who have been in the United States for decades.

Not My Presidents Day protest in Milwaukee

Not My Presidents Day protest in Milwaukee

An 18-year-old Syrian-American said she's been personally impacted by President Trump's immigration ban because many of her relatives in Syria are still trying to escape war.

"With family that is in Syria that has had to deal with a war, we feel very helpless that we can`t give them the shelter they need," Adeel Masalkhi said.

President Trump seemed to take the protests in stride:


  • Chucky2

    Seems odd that just handful of liberal demonstrators would get this much press coverage. Oh yeah, I forgot that Fox6 is just a puppet of CNN. Never mind.

  • Chattipatti

    Go pick up some paper, that’s what y’all should be protesting, all that damn paper on the city streets.

  • buyerbewarechecklist

    We need our GOVERNMENT to start enforcement of penalties and withholdings of monetary subsidies to any and ALL
    that are breaking the law. Hit them where it hurts the most…..1) their pocketbooks……2) incarceration of ANY violent
    act toward property or toward other citizens. 3) hold accountable false news that were knowingly reported to the public,
    whether by written word or media transference…bring any legal charges possible to the so called “press”…..4) charges on those that depict violent insinuation or actual violent pictures concerning ANYONE in our presidential administration
    or toward our PRESIDENT!…..5) Bring out and dispose of all “left-over” or “lifetime” politicians that oppose OUR PRESIDENT! (YOU…MCCAIN…..) 6)..take down CLINTONS tax exempt organizations and now, OBAMAS tax exempt organization. Call out the NATIONAL GUARDS….Call out the MILITARY…..I do not feel I should be forced to act like the FAR left in their DEPLORABLE Actions….my tax dollars say YOU GOVERNMENT..take the TRAITOROUS citizens and the TRAITOROUS illegals OUT…..I can’t take much more….this has hurt us all enough

  • rocking aunt

    President’s Day is a day to HONOR President’s Lincoln and Washington. These crybabies have made a mockery of the honor. Shame shame on THEM.

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