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New drug disposal program makes it easy for Milwaukee residents to get rid of unused prescriptions

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MILWAUKEE — The City of Milwaukee is making it easier for residents to dispose of unused prescription drugs. The City of Milwaukee and the Milwaukee Police Department, in partnership with CVS Pharmacy and the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, announced Wednesday, February 22nd, they’ve developed a drug disposal program for city residents to dispose of unused prescription medications through a free prescription drug mail-in program.

According to a news release, too often unused prescription drugs are flushed into the sewage system or become a source for abuse by being left in medicine cabinets with easy access to someone who may abuse them. Sometimes prescription drug abuse can lead to a more serious addiction of illegal, illicit narcotic drugs, such as heroin or other opiates.

To participate in the free prescription drug mail-in program simply visit any Milwaukee Police Department district station and ask the desk officer for a free, postage paid, pre-labeled mail-in envelope. Simply take the envelope home, place your unused prescription medication into the envelope, and mail it back to the Milwaukee Police Department free of charge!

In addition to the mail-in program, the department also has prescription drug drop boxes at all seven district stations, which allows residents to anonymously drop unused prescription medications into a secure container in the lobbies of each police station.

Police district locations:

District 1: 749 W. State St., 2nd floor Police Headquarters (enter the building via James Lovell St., entrance into this building requires screening via a metal detector and a bag check).

District 2: 245 W. Lincoln Ave.

District 3: 2333 N. 49th St. (49th and Lisbon)

District 4: 6929 W. Silver Spring Dr.

District 5: 2940 N. 4th St. (4th and Locust)

District 6: 3006 S. 27th St.

District 7: 3626 W. Fond Du Lac Ave.