“A roof over my kids’ head is what’s important:” Single mom’s Facebook post about tax return goes viral

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GAFFNEY, South Carolina — A single mother’s Facebook post about using her tax return to provide for her kids before herself is going viral.

Christina Knaack, a single mother who works a minimum-wage job to support a four-month-old and two-year-old, posted a picture on Wednesday, February 22nd of a $5,400 tax return receipt along with strong words about the money and how she plans to spend it.

“I got back $5,600 on my taxes. Instead of buying my kids the latest Jordans or fancy electronics, I paid my rent for the YEAR,” she wrote. I’m a single mom and I do it all by myself on a minimum wage job. I know that a roof over my kids’ head is what’s important. My kids don’t want for anything because my priorities are straight. And this also means I will have that extra $450 a month to do things with my kids.”

The majority of the 26,000 comments in the post are positive and applauding Knaack for her sacrifice and selfless parenting.

“I got my taxes back and immediately paid off 1,195 in bills (care credit, Kohls, dentist office) in five to 10 minutes. That was the very first thing I did,” Molly McCracken wrote on the post. “Priorities. I don’t have rent and my kids never go without anything; they good all year long, so I spoil them a little with this money but never new Jordan’s game systems and **** but like….their birthday parties and summer vacation come after tax time.”

In 14 hours, the post has more than 155,000 likes and 92,000 shares.


  • polymorph

    It’s funny getting all this praise for doing what you should be doing, what has happened to our society that this warrants news.

  • Opinion8d

    I’m glad she is enjoying the money from others. She sure didn’t pay that much in taxes if she’s working minimum wage……and where’s the dad(s)?? And what was she arrested for 2 yrs ago??? Why is this being showcased like something wonderful -it wasn’t her money anyhow!

  • Crystal

    Lol, where does she live? My rent for a year would be 15,600 and I’m a single mom. I use my tax return to go on vacation every year and new school clothes for kid.

  • Idalia Monroy

    I think that message is clear instead of getting her nails and hair done, buying jewelry or other thousand unnecessary things. She decided to do the right thing and be responsible. Sometimes we just have to get reminded the difference between what we need or want we want.

  • Shavon

    I saw this on FB this morning. She posted it in Dream Catchers page. It is a great page that encourages all members to be better at their finances and helps each other out. Love this group!

  • Ochoa

    I wish i can pay 450 in rent but in wisconsin rent price. Is so high i think that mother know what best for her and her kids, as of they are to small to worry about the big thing all she need to do is save as much she can so when her children are older she has money aside. For what ever they are in need. God bless those mother that are thinking what the best for her and there children

  • Bob

    Minimum wage at full time comes out to about $15,000 a year, there’s no way she paid anywhere near $5,600 in taxes. With two kids, it’s doubtful she paid any taxes. This is called a government subsidy for being irresponsible.

    • L

      Of course she didn’t pay $5600 in taxes , but she is entitled to EIC based on low income and child tax credit for her kids. Peopls always assuming someone is getting welfare and clearly she works just making minimum wage which is nothing. Maybe you should read the tax laws to understand before you comment.

      • Bob

        Welfare is defined as financial support given by the state (the word “state” here meaning government). If you get more money from the state than you gave it, it’s welfare. This woman is making kids she can’t afford to take care of, getting money from the government to do so, and then bragging that she is spending that money on those kids. Perhaps you should understand that others do not owe you something just for making babies.

      • Diane

        South Carolina’s minimum wage is $7.25 per hour, which is nothing. She would be earning $15,080 per year. I’m glad to see that she spent the money responsibly.

  • deleted again

    Maybe she gets child support from two fathers. But the message is clear. You don’t need a fancy manicure and pedicure. You don’t need a weave or gold teeth or jewelry or a 50 inch TV. You don’t have to drive a fancy car.
    You don’t need alcohol, drugs or cigarettes.
    Pay for needs not wants.

  • pb5200

    Glad to see she was responsible with the free money, I have said for years that we should not get back more money than paid in on taxes, it is just another welfare program!

  • Lizz Huie-Fulks

    Why did this mom post this online? What was the point? I mean good for her for doing what every mom should do. Put the kids first. It is called responsible parenting. Duh! But again, why was this posted?

    • Opinion8d

      I agree – it’s probably making up for the fact she had run-ins with the law prior and probably feels bad for having 2 kids without being married -anything to make herself feel better. Doing what a parent is supposed to do should not be news!!

  • Joe Bidden

    Put the money in a savings account and earn some interest, never prepay your rent for a full year. If something gets broke (like hot water heater) and they don’t fix it right away you can’t withhold rent to force their hand.

  • Cindy Daoust Thomson

    OK if you have a minimum paying job who the hell has that much in taxes taken out? Even with low income credit I highly doubt that she got all that back. If so then there is something really wrong with our tax laws.

  • Z

    Seems like a few people here get it.

    Minimum wage job and 2 kids. There is no way she should be getting $5600 back. That money is from other taxpayers. She was rewarded for making poor decisions. At least the free money went towards a need and not a want.

  • purelogic

    Who would believe anything anyone posts on fakebook anyway ? O.0 silly fools selling this as news worthy . PAALEASE !!!!!!

    • Christine Sabol

      I know a young woman with 2 kids that works a min. wage job that is getting $7000 back on her taxes. Nice, huh?

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