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Daytime burglaries spike in Milwaukee neighborhood near 35th & Thurston

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MILWAUKEE -- Broad daylight burglaries. Over the past month, a neighborhood on Milwaukee's northwest side has been hit the hardest.burglaries

FOX6 News crunched the numbers throughout the city, Milwaukee Police District 4 is not the worst when it comes to crime and burglary rates, but over the past week, there's been a concentration of daytime burglaries in one small area.

"It was a good neighborhood," said Cedric Watkins, lives nearby.

Cedric Watkins

Cedric Watkins

Residents are on alert.

"It used to be pretty nice and slowly and surely you see a lot of stuff like break-ins; our car windows have been smashed in," said Watkins.

Milwaukee police say in the last 30 days, thieves have been targeting homes withing a half-mile radius of 35th and Thurston. In just one week, five residential burglaries have been reported in the neighborhood.burglaries3

"Ended up getting two German Shepherds and now they're big and hopefully they let us know when someone comes down even close to our house. They'll start barking," said Watkins.

According to Milwaukee police data, so far this year, District 4 has the second highest number of burglaries in the city with 121. District 7, on the city's north side, has had the most burglaries this year: 171. Compare that to Milwaukee's south side where there have been just 67 burglaries.burglaries4

When asked how police are responding to the problem, MPD officials say:

"The department evaluates crime locations and patterns and deploys resources as necessary."

In the meantime, some residents are taking matters into their own hands.

"Got an alarm system and the two dogs," said Watkins.burglaries2

Closing the door on crime in their neighborhood.

So far, police say no arrests have been made.


  • Dirtbag thieves

    Criminals are lazy… that’s why they most likely live within this area and just walk to various houses. And, no surprise, they’re probably black males between 11 and 20 years old. (Before you spout “racist” related comments, admit it…. it’s true. The black kids are stealing the cars and breaking into houses because the white kids are too busy shooting up heroin and whining about life.)
    Arm yourselves. Lock your doors. Don’t put anything valuable within view through windows. And get a dog… and a couple hidden cameras. These little dirtbags won’t stop…. so they’ll probably start hitting places a second time…. as they can’t walk far enough to pick a different neighborhood.

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