Milwaukee Public Schools board APPROVES school uniforms

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MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee Board of School Directors has voted in favor of a district-wide dress code requiring uniforms for Milwaukee Public School students. The school board debated the issue for hours Thursday, February 23rd before voting yes.


Guidelines for the proposal are pretty basic: full-length, cargo and capri pants are allowed -- but denim jeans, pedal pushers and bell bottoms aren't. As for tops: polo’s, button-down shirts or turtlenecks are OK -- but anything with brand-names, pictures or insignias are a banned.


"Anyone who truly wants students to be happy and successful, see that uniforms are a ludicrous proposition," said sixth grade student, Ava Antonie.

Each school will be able to pick colors of tops that fit with that school's color scheme, and schools and parents will have the option of opting out under strict guidelines.

MPS will make money available to give students free clothes, however, the budget for next year hasn't been finalized yet. There's no talk, as of now, about where that money will come from.


As for students who don't follow the proposed guidelines:

"Students are coming to school... we must make sure they are allowed in; this cannot be seen as a penalizing measure," said Milwaukee Public Schools Superintendent, Darienne Driver.

Schools will sell the shirts and pants at a deep discount, some as little as $5 to $10. If approved, uniforms will be required at the start of the fall semester.

About one-third of MPS schools already require uniforms.


  • Marla Carter

    I wish MPS would have implemented uniforms when my children were attending. I feel that this is a move toward more focus towards learning instead of styling.

  • violetbeauregarde

    How many parents of those kids that will receive free uniforms have expensive cell phones, weaves, manicures, etc. I wish I could afford things like that – but I’ll be paying for the clothes their parents should be buying for them!

    • thats the way it is

      The cost of a few packs of cigarettes would buy the clothing their kids will need. I don’t have any children in MPS, why do I have to pay for these kids’ “free” clothes? smdh


      You know the individual schools (Such as all of the ghetto-location schools) will overturn this by having an individual parent-driven vote for that individual school. Why? Because those ghetto parents will make the excuse how they are in “poverty” so they don’t have to buy their snowflake new clothing… don’t want to take away from their booze and cig budget now do we?

  • Hell in a Handbasket

    This post and your other previous posts about various subjects shows that nothing makes you happy. You must be a real joy in person.

  • Elisha Barren

    It is no longer just an option… Things like denim jeans, bell bottoms, and ANYTHING with a brand name, insignia, or pictures on it is banned. But what I don’t get is they follow all of that up by saying parents can “opt out under strict guidelines”


    This will cost more, and accomplish nothing. MPS is a dumpster fire. The “opting out” will be kids showing up to school wearing whatever they want and nothing being done about it. They can’t send the kids home, the parents won’t have to bring appropriate clothes to the school. It will be a joke and MPS will have a storeroom full of unused clothes paid for by taxpayers.

  • Daniel W.

    School uniforms only occur in liberal schools. They can spin it however they want but its a tool used to shut childrens first amendment rights in free expression. Liberals will hide behind the shield of “i dont want these kids to be offended or exposed to certain styles or articles of clothing”. Well guess what, if you live a sheltered life, you end up becoming a social justice warrior where nothing and everything offends you and you protest and riot in things that mean nothing and spend thousands in taking a liberal arts class that have no real value in society.

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