“My pass was flagged:” 14-year-old learns his name is on the terror watch list

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BOSTON — There was confusion during what was supposed to be a simple trip to Florida for a baseball tournament when a New Hampshire teenager’s name popped up on the terror watch list.

Peter Haas is still in braces — not even old enough to drive. He’s known as “the rule follower” in his family of four. But when he was passing through Logan International Airport to fly to Florida on a baseball trip, he was immediately taken aside.

“They said my pass was flagged and they would have to take me aside for extra screening and a pat down. It’s pretty alarming to hear this,” Haas told WCVB.

TSA agents pulled him and his baggage aside and began vigorously searching.

“They pulled the soles out of his shoes, the insoles out of his shoes and were looking at his phone, opened up his phone to see if there was anything there, and then rubbing him down for bomb residue, that kind of stuff. They said this wasn’t a routine thing, this was him on a watch list, that someone else had a name similar to his or something of this nature,” Peter Haas’ father, Andy Haas said.

Peter Haas was eventually allowed to board and said agents were pleasant and helpful throughout.

As for how his name ended up on that terror watch list, officials with the FBI Boston division told WCVB they couldn’t comment on Haas’ case.

Meanwhile, Haas said he’s already looking ahead to upcoming trips he’s hoping he’ll be cleared to take.

“We’re hoping I can get into everything without any trouble,” Peter Haas said.

Haas and his family have already filled out the paperwork to try to get his name off the list. The Haas family said they were in contact with New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan’s office in the hopes of getting his name off the list.


  • j. smalls

    This is what happens when these sorts of lists are just lists of names.
    This is not like a DMV database were there is more info on drivers than just a name.
    Mr. Haas is not on the watch list JUST HIS NAME IS.
    In fact EVERY Peter Haas is on the terror watch list.
    ADD MORE INFO TO THE LISTS so they truly are lists of people not just names.
    Just add ages for a start.
    The GOVT knows which Peter Haas they put on the list Right?
    They just remove every other Peter Haas.
    Oh wait they can’t because its only lists of names one Peter Haas is equal to every other Peter Haas in the world.

    And Its any wonder why Obamacare the VA IRS congress etc … are such cluster pucks.
    The majority of the people in our govt (at least the management/leadership) seems to be a bunch of ding bats.

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