On the issues: Lt. Gov. Kleefish, Rep. Nygren discuss opioid abuse at Marquette University

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MILWAUKEE — Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and Rep. John Nygren (R-Marinette) discussed opioid abuse in Wisconsin Thursday, February 23rd at Marquette University.

The two Republicans are co-chairs of Governor Scott Walker’s task force on opioid abuse.


They talked about the scope of the opioid problem — from heroin to prescription painkillers and how many people it affects in Wisconsin.

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  • mary

    I am sure,,more P.R.O.P.aganda,,,more false data,,more using children to inflate the numbers,,,basically,,,,more lies,,,,to ensure Dr.Government invades/bullies there way into thee privacy of Free Adults medical decisions,,and our rite as free adults to no forced endurement of severe physical pain from medical conditions,ie,torture,,,inflicted by a government entity,,,,,,maryw

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