Sheriff Clarke says ‘sanctuary city’ officials should be criminally charged

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NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland — Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, speaking at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland on Thursday, February 23rd, said public officials who adopt sanctuary city laws should be charged with a crime.

“I’m telling you right now folks, you charge one mayor, one governor, one council president that adopts these laws – this stuff is going to end right away,” Clarke said during a panel discussion Thursday afternoon.

Sanctuary cities prohibit their police departments from cooperating with federal immigration agents. Clarke said Thursday that such municipalities were “havens for criminal activity.”

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett has denied that Milwaukee is a sanctuary city. The Milwaukee Police Department’s policy states that officers should not notify federal agents unless a suspected illegal immigrant has committed a serious crime.

Milwaukee County supervisors earlier this month adopted a resolution urging Clarke to make the county a sanctuary to illegal immigrants. Clarke has said his deputies will cooperate with federal agents.


  • Huh !

    Barrett and Flynn should spell out what they think constitutes a serious crime……Identity theft, Hit & Run, Assault or maybe Drug Trafficking ??? All crime hurts someone, somewhere !!!

  • deleted again

    Barrett and his ilk should know better. They are protecting criminals, they are breaking the oath they took when sworn into office and by all of the actions are discriminating against honest citizens. Maybe the honest citizens should sue them for dereliction of duty.

  • clint

    Sheriff Clarke is the best. I wish Milwaukee liberals would leave him do his job and stop their attacks against this great patriot of law and order.

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