Pres. Trump rolling back transgender protections won’t impact Kenosha student challenging school policies

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KENOSHA -- President Donald Trump's administration lifted federal guidelines Wednesday, February 22nd which stated transgender students should be allowed to use public school bathrooms and locker rooms matching their chosen gender identity. It's a reversal of an order issued by the Obama administration.

Wisconsin is in the spotlight on this issue as one of the states which filed suit against the federal government trying to block transgender bathrooms in schools. A Kenosha teen is challenging his school district's policies in federal court.

Ash Whitaker

Ash Whitaker

Ash Whitaker, a senior at Tremper High School in Kenosha, first won the right to be prom king. He is now fighting the school district about which bathroom he can use.

Ash Whitaker

Ash Whitaker

Whitaker, born a girl, identifies as a boy and for now, can use the boy's room while his case goes to trial. Whitaker is one of three transgender teens in the country challenging their school districts in federal court on the bathroom issue. His California attorney says President Trump's lifting of the Obama administration's federal guidelines won't affect their case because it targets anti-discrimination laws, but could affect school transgender policies in the future.

"He is worried about other students and the message it sends them," said Liona Turner, Transgender Law Center legal director.

Ash Whitaker

Ash Whitaker

Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel said when former President Obama sent out a directive to allow transgender bathrooms, it exceeded his authority.

"I do think those issues should be decided by a local school board -- where voters have the most direct impact on the policies that are going to be put in place in their schools," said Schimel.

Brad Schimel

Brad Schimel

Those at the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center said the move by President Trump's administration, rescinding transgender protections, sends a concerning message about civil rights.

"Very sad for me and gives me a lot of concerns about protections for transgender youth in schools and other children who do not conform to typical stereotypes or notions about what a boy looks like or what a girl looks like," said Shelley Gregory, Milwaukee LGBT Community Center.

As for Ash Whitaker, a court injunction allowing him to use Tremper's boy's restrooms still stands, but that is being challenged in the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, and will be heard March 29th.


And on this issue, Rep. Jesse Kremer (R-Kewaskum) said he's likely to reintroduce a bill to force public school students to use the bathrooms of the gender with of they were born.



    “sends a concerning message about civil rights.” Why is this only a problem when the left loses? If a Christian kid wants to read a Bible during free period in school he’s suspended. When a kid who hunts with his dad wears an NRA shirt he’s suspended. Don’t forget the kids who wore Trump shirts and got bullied by their teachers. But suddenly a lefty cause is shot down and NOW it’s a civil rights issue. The other ones were too, but this one is all that matters. The hippocracy is staggering but not surprising anymore. You’re a girl who wants to use the boys’ room? Fine, great. What happens when a male teacher decides he’s a woman and wants to use the girls facilities? Is it ok if he hops in the showers before hitting the school weight room during his free period? Who can tell him it’s wrong if he’s just him exercising his civil right to identify as any gender he prefers??? This hasn’t happened yet, but it won’t take long. This pendulum swings both ways and these clowns can’t see past their own petty grievances.

    • NA

      Try spelling hypocrisy right next time, and look up that definition, too. Kids who get made fun of for right wing opinions don’t need to worry about literally any of the same things as LGBT kids do. Examples being, I dunno, getting murdered? Sexually assaulted? Committing suicide? Being brutally beaten? How about being manipulated by the sex trafficking industry? Denial of medical care, blood donation, employment, etc? What about being kicked out of their households? How about homelessness, and then being denied access to shelters? Fun fact, there’s a whooole wikipedia page for “violence against LGBT people.” Can’t seem to find a single one for “violence against republicans” or “kids brutalized for wearing Trump shirts.” Weird! Almost as if that doesn’t happen.

      Btw, you’re right, there are absolutely none to very few accounts of trans people assaulting others in bathrooms. However, there are countless of assaults being directed at them in bathrooms. Hmm.

  • ManardG

    She may THINK that she’s a boy, but biologically she will always be a girl since she does not have Y chromosomes. Just like someone thinking they’re a bird, or a car, or ?? Maybe they need more Biology 101 at this school.

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