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“An act of solidarity:” New Berlin church offers sanctuary for those facing deportation

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NEW BERLIN -- Pastors of a New Berlin church say they want to be seen as a sanctuary for those who may face sudden deportation. They are encouraging other places of worship to do the same.

Pastors of Casa de Restauracion Church in New Berlin, tell FOX6 News after hearing the concerns of their parishioners they felt the needed to do something.

Casa de Restauracion Church

Casa de Restauracion Church

The ordinary church in New Berlin is becoming more than just a house of worship.

"If something should happen we want to be ready to help our [parishioners] and anyone else who is in need," said Emmanuel Rios, Casa de Restauracion Church.

Emmanuel Rios

Emmanuel Rios

This week, Pastor Emmanuel Rios and his wife Teresita Reyes, have begun collecting donations that will help transform their church into a sanctuary for anyone facing deportation. They are working in partnership with Voces de la Frontera.

"There's a beautiful movement of people reaching out to us on social media telling us they want to donate," said Pastor Rios.

Pastor Rios took our FOX6 crew on a tour of the building. He says after hearing the worries of his congregation, he had to do something to help. There's a meeting room that can be transformed into a place for people to sleep, a nursery is in place for children to play and in the basement, a working kitchen and large event room that can fit up to 40 people.

Casa de Restauracion Church

Casa de Restauracion Church

Pastor Reyes says she comforts mothers who fear they will be separated from their children.

"I was with one of them yesterday and the only thing she did was cry and all I could tell her that it's OK, but it's so painful. I wouldn't want to be in their shoes," said Teresita Reyes, Casa de Restauracion Church.

Teresita Reyes

Teresita Reyes

They want to see other places of worship follow in their footsteps.

"This isn't a rebellion against the President, this is an act of solidarity and act of love with the community," said Rios.

The pastors say they understand they have no legal authority to shield people from deportation, but if they didn't do this they would be ignoring the teachings of their religion.

"We also pray for our President. We bless him. I know he wants to create borders but we have spiritual borders that with God's help can't be surpassed," said Rios.

The need right now is inflatable mattresses and non perishable food items. The pastors ask that anyone who wants to donate call in advance.


  • andy g

    To me this is a very sad situation when the church offers sanctuary for those doing wrong, you can forgive them, but the Bible says love what is good and hate what is evil. The person may be good but there actions are evil, let them go back and gain access the right way and then offer sanctuary to them.

  • justsayin

    If the believe the Bible, they would respect government and its laws (Romans 13).
    The suffering of separation from your family is the result of ignoring the law.
    Get legal or get out.

  • Opinion8d

    such a bull sh!t narrative…..I’d suggest that if the Church focus on making these individuals apostles to spread the word of Jesus when they are back in Mexico. Maybe less violence, drug dealing, and living according to God will help improve their own conditions.

  • j. smalls

    Romans 13 Let e very person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment

  • j. smalls

    So the church has no locks then?

    I assume the church locks its own doors right?
    Walls protect as well as separate

  • Graygurl

    Shame on FOX6 for reporting this terrible story. These people aren’t even following religion by protecting illegal people. So, what if they have a rapist parishioner? They would help him I am sure.

  • Charles

    If these people had come to the United States the RIGHT way they wouldn’t have to worry about being deported! However they came over here on some SNEAK/ILLEGAL SH?T!!! If you came over illegally i have ABSOLUTELY NO SYMPATHY for you or your family!!! and i am a minority…fyi….

    • Gary Hamilton

      I agree Paul, many of these churches no longer ask for donations but require parishioners to pay to be part of the church. They are not only deporting illegal immigrants, but those with criminal records. Yes those who have raped and killed law abiding citizens!

  • Sirius

    In response to everyone who commented:
    You are all white, and all of your ancestors who came here and claimed this land as theirs were unwanted. If you are reciting the bible, in attempt of explaining your point of view, Christians first and foremost love and accept. Shame on all of you.

    • Charles

      LMAO@U saying
      To everyone that commented:
      You are all white………….. WRONG…….. BLACK MALE HERE…..
      If you came over illegally i have no sympathy for you or your family…..

    • justsayin

      While I respect you as a person, you demonstrate a lack of biblical knowledge. You cant just pick and choose what you want to believe and ignore the rest.

  • rocking aunt

    Does this same church take in the homeless? Does it offer free daycare to working parents? Will it help an ill vet get the medical care and help he needs? They should come 1st. Not someone who is here illegally.

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