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Florida homeowner trained in jiu-jitsu bloodies suspected burglar

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FORT MYERS, Fla. – Brian Burch is a burglar’s worst nightmare – the Florida homeowner is not just a large, powerful man, but he also happens to be skilled in the martial art of Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Josue Ortiz faces multiple charges after a homeowner trained in jiu-jitsu allegedly found him stealing tools. (Lee County Sheriff’s Office)

Josue Ortiz chose the wrong house to break into Tuesday, Lee County deputies told WBBH. Ortiz allegedly saw the door to Burch’s garage left open and slipped in, lifting multiple tools and loading them into his vehicle.

Burch said he went outside after hearing a noise and confronted Ortiz, who he said was holding his jackhammer and airgun cases. “He told me that the boss sent him over here to pick up tools to finish a job,” Burch recalled Ortiz saying.

When Burch started questioning his explanation, Ortiz tried to take off running, but failed to slip out of the jiu-jitsu student’s grasp.

“Once we got to the ground, he started pushing and fighting me, and I hit him one time,” Burch said. “If the kids had been here, I probably would have been even angrier.”

Ortiz suffered a broken nose, swollen lip and black eye in the altercation, according to WBBH. A neighbor called 911, and Burch held Ortiz on the ground until authorities arrived.

Deputies arrested Ortiz on charges of burglary and grand theft and booked him into Lee County jail.


  • polymorph

    LOL! That’s awesome, now make sure you have a gun because the piece of sht is probably looking for revenge.

  • Rob Bowe

    According to every record out there, Lee County arrests, jail or mugshot siyes, there is NO record of any arrests or bookings of Josue Ortiz. I wanted to see if he was here legally but there is absolutely no record of this event in the Lee COunty FL records. Fake news? Who is this guy and where is he?

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