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MPS takes a stand on immigration policy, “will not share” a student’s immigration status

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MILWAUKEE -- Officials with Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) say it will not cooperate when it comes to the recent directive from President Donald Trump's administration cracking down on undocumented immigrants.

Darienne Drier, MPS Superintendent

Darienne Drier, MPS Superintendent

"I urge our community to stand with us as we work to protect the civil rights of all children and families across our city and in our state," said MPS Superintendent Darienne Driver.

At a board meeting on Thursday evening, February 23rd, Driver shared the system's policy about non-discrimination.

"Milwaukee Public Schools believes in the equitable and fair treatment of all students and families. We welcome individuals of all ethnicity, religions, cultural background immigration," Driver said.

The statement comes after getting met with questions about the latest directive from the Department of Homeland Security announced earlier this week. It will implement Pres. Trump's executive order to ramp up the prosecution of undocumented immigrants living in the U.S.

Driver claims the recent moves will not affect children's education here.

Darienne Drier, MPS Superintendent

Darienne Drier, MPS Superintendent

"Your child has the right to receive an equal education. A child's immigration status or their parents status does not impact their education," Driver said.

Driver quelled fears, insisting MPS will not give up key information.

"If we become aware of a student's immigration status, we will not share that information with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services," Driver said.

Driver's response was met with applause.

FOX6 News reached out to several lawmakers to weigh in on this development. We were not able to get a comment on the stance announced by MPS Thursday evening.

We also reached out to the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL). It may not necessarily agree with MPS but stated the following:

"In our federal system, state and local governments may have an obligation to cooperate with federal authorities, but they cannot be commandeered to enforce federal law."


  • i work

    Fake news. Hey MPS you have no authority to even think that. Thats information you shouldn’t even have and if you do have it how did you get it? Thats for parents. MPS stick to fixing your mess.

  • trollhunter

    Bold statement that means absolutely nothing meets with applause. I say stuff in the hopes it will distract you from how horrible of job I do.

  • dtickmd

    Despite the hate filled, xenophobic rhetoric of commentators below, all too easily voiced and accepted by the political right, Superintendent Driver is to be commended for her uncompromising dedication to the children under her care. Our children are our treasure. ALL of our children. Even if they have darker skin, speak a different language, cover their hair, and pray in a different manner.

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