Changes sought to Wisconsin bill to help terminally ill

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MADISON — New restrictions to a bill in the Wisconsin Legislature that would make more experimental drugs available to terminally ill patients don’t go far enough to address concerns of the state’s doctors who oppose the measure.

The proposal has bipartisan support but faces strong opposition from the Wisconsin Medical Society. That group representing doctors argues that quickly approving experimental drugs could give patients false hope.

The Assembly’s Health Committee was scheduled to vote Wednesday on possible changes to the bill.

Its sponsor Republican Rep. Pat Snyder wants to require that the patient seeking experimental drugs first be ineligible or unable to participate in a clinical trial within 100 miles of their home.

But Wisconsin Medical Society lobbyist Mark Grapentine says that doesn’t go far enough to address concerns the group has.

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  • rocking aunt

    What about the right to die? That should also be a choice. You shouldn’t have to spend your self into bankruptcy to squeak out an extra month or two of “life” in a hospital bed not knowing who you are, where you are, with every conceivable means of medicine forced into you.

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