“I feel horrible:” Convicted felon, alleged striking driver speaks after crash that left 1-year-old twins orphans

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DANE COUNTY — One-year-old twin boys are orphans after a crash claimed the lives of their parents. The convicted felon who police say caused the crash is awaiting charges.

The family of Kirk Uren, his wife, Jennifer Steiner and their twin one-year-old boys has been torn apart by the deaths of the boys’ parents after the crash on Highway 30.

25-year-old Brandon Ballweg of the Town of Dunn is accused of causing the crash. Ballweg has yet to appear in court.

“I don’t think I was speeding at all — not fast enough for anything like this to happen. Not — I don’t know. I don’t know,” Ballweg said.

Authorities say speed appears to have been a factor, as Ballweg’s Honda Civic went airborne and hit the victims’ SUV.

“All I remember is my car jerking to the left, and then I tried to correct it. That’s all I remember,” Ballweg said.

Probation records show Ballweg complied with conditions prohibiting the use of alcohol and drugs in December and August — but in May, he admitted to smoking marijuana.

And the night before the fatal crash, Ballweg said he had “one drink.” He insists at the time of the crash, he was clean.

“I wasn’t under the influence or anything the day of. I was fine. I wasn’t under anything,” Ballweg said. “I can’t even talk about this without having a nervous breakdown. I feel horrible every single day. I have to live with the fact that two people lost their lives because of an accident I was involved in. I feel horrible.”

Police want Ballweg charged with several counts, including second degree homicide.

They are not seeking charges of driving while impaired.