Pop of color with NO commitment! A temporary way to change the hue of your hair

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MILWAUKEE -- Want to change up your color without committing to dye? Why not rock chalk? Scott Yance of SCOTTFREE Salon joins Real Milwaukee to show us how to sue it best.

About hair chalk:

Hair chalk has become a major go-to for celebrity hairstylists who want to give their clients a pop of color without the hassle of actually coloring their hair.

Hair chalk is available at a variety of price points, but it usually ranges from $6-$15, and can be found at places like Ulta, Sally Beauty Supply, Sephora and Target. Today Scott is using "Dippity Do" hair chalk from ulta. It comes in traditional chalk shapes, round pods and flat compacts.

Chalk sticks and pods are the easiest to apply, while compacts allow you to color more hair at once.

Hair chalk can be used to create 'peek a boo' pieces or can go for a more bold look, using a variety of colors and applying more of it to the hair.

Hair chalk is literally drawn on the hair like you would use chalk on a chalk board.

For pale hair, chalks can be applied to dry hair, but with darker hair shades it's best to add a little water to hair first to result in a more intense color payoff.
It is a great way to integrate a temporary pop of color, but if you plan to keep it for a few days, sleep with your head on a towel to avoid getting it on your pillows!