“It’s a disturbing trend:” Suspects sought after 4 vehicles stolen from Manheim Auto Auction

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RACINE -- Four cars were stolen from the Manheim Auto Auction in Racine early Wednesday morning, March 1st. The thieves went to great lengths to get the vehicles -- even though two crashed shortly after.4 vehicles stolen from Manheim Auto Auction

Officials believe this incident could be related to numerous other thefts from car dealerships recently in Wisconsin and Illinois.

According to police, shortly before 2:00 a.m., the Racine County Communications Center received a call for an alarm at the Manheim Auto Auction located on 27th Street in Caledonia.

4 vehicles stolen from Manheim Auto Auction

As deputies responded, they were notified of an accident near West Frontage Road and 7 Mile Road. The vehicle was a Jaguar -- and a person walking away from the scene.

Not long after, a Cadillac crashed nearby. It was pulled out of a swamp at West Frontage Road and 8 Mile Road.

"Which might indicate their age or lack of experience behind the wheel. Although we did have some wet conditions throughout the area that might have contributed to that," said Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling.

4 vehicles stolen from Manheim Auto Auction

Still missing are two other stolen cars -- a silver SRX and a white Ford Taurus. Schmaling said they believe it wasn't an easy heist. The thieves scaled the fence, went over barbed wire, then drove out a closed gate with the cars.

Before the Jaguar was driven out, an off-duty deputy working security tried to block it with a security car. The Jaguar smashed into the deputy's vehicle and continued on its wild ride.

"It's a disturbing trend. It seems to me it's getting more and more brazen, more violent, more reckless," said Schmaling.4 vehicles stolen from Manheim Auto Auction

Schmaling said a few days ago, five vehicles were stolen from a dealership in Illinois, and they came through Racine County at a high rate of speed without headlights. One caused injury to an innocent driver.

"We are working very closely with law enforcement agencies within our state but also Illinois, and we're trying to see if there are connections there as well. It seems like an awfully big coincidence that different places are getting hit," said Schmaling. "It's a reckless behavior I haven't seen in my 22 years."

Schmaling said many of the stolen vehicles not only end up in crashes, they are used in other crimes.

Car stolen from Manheim Auto Auction

Car stolen from Manheim Auto Auction

Car stolen from Manheim Auto Auction

Car stolen from Manheim Auto Auction

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  • rocking aunt

    Getting out of hand. Lock up all keys to everything every night from the 15 year old clunker in for repair to the jag. 1/8 tank of gas. That way IF the criminals do steal it, they are not able to get far, or if they are dumb enough to stop for gas they are on camera. Dogs. Paid ARMED security 24/7. Cameras everywhere-that would all be cheaper then the cost of the stolen vehicles and the ever rising cost of insurance because of it. Dear dealers: your stolen cars drive up everyone’s insurance in that area, it’s not just a cost to you (a write off to you too). Working Joe and Jane cannot write off the increase. Pay to drive.

  • The boss

    This is becoming too too often. Something really needs to be done. These kids just steal cars for fun then wreck them within minutes. In 2016 over 6000 cars were stolen in milwaukee. Yes six thousand. Ridiculous

  • knowledgeseeker

    The trend is absolutely insane and the justice system is to blame. In June of 2014 I was carjacked at gunpoint. The individual was apprehended and released from custody the following day on a PR bond. He was only taken into custody again months later due to a dirty urinalysis. Fast forward a year through multiple court dates and he was sentenced to less than 5 years in prison, of which he completed 2. He is already out on the streets. That is sad. We, the law abiding tax payers, are paying for these tools behaviors. It is seriously time these individuals get locked up for lengthy sentences.

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