Crackdown at Beaver Dam bar following unruly night; owner claims he’s being targeted

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DODGE COUNTY -- A crackdown at a Beaver Dam bar. Authorities said the bar is the source of problems, but the owner said his business is being targeted because of racism.

Pop's Eatery

Pop's Eatery

Dodge County Sheriff's deputies, Beaver Dam police and officials with the Wisconsin State Patrol were out in full force near Pop's Eatery located on Madison Street near Lake Crest Drive on Saturday night, March 4th.

The Dodge County Sheriff's Office reported an event involving individuals with gang ties from Madison was canceled. They said they were pleased that their proactive message and efforts have deterred these activities from taking place.

From the outside, Pop's Eatery looks like a quiet ice cream shop, but the Beaver Dam restaurant and bar has become a recent target of law enforcement.

Pop's Eatery

Pop's Eatery

"It's ruined my business," said Musa Hajdini, Pop's Eatery owner.

Hajdini has owned the place for years, and said up until recently, business has been good.

"They want to kick me out of Beaver Dam," said Hajdini.

On Saturday night, the area was packed -- not with patrons -- but police.

Musa Hajdini

Musa Hajdini

"There's these groups and events that come up to this establishment on the weekends, and from time to time they create a lot of problems," said Dale Schmidt, Dodge County sheriff.

The Dodge County Sheriff's Office in conjunction with Beaver Dam police and the Wisconsin State Patrol conducted what's called a "criminal interdiction." They said the customers at Pop's Eatery are cause for concern.

"They're bringing in drugs, and they're bringing in weapons, and having a lot of issues with fights," said Schmidt.

Officials referred back to an incident that occurred on February 18th, where citations were issued, two drug arrests were made and traffic tickets were handed out.

Pop's Eatery

Pop's Eatery

Hajdini sayid it's being blown out of proportion, and it was only two women inside the bar that were fighting.

Pop's Eatery

Pop's Eatery

"I never have any problems in here, except on the 18th, a small fight," said Hajdini.

Hajdini said law enforcement officials are targeting his bar because a majority of customers are African-American.

"The clientele I have, they do not want," said Hajdini.

The law enforcement operation took place through the night and into early Sunday morning.


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    Just goes to show you there is trash everywhere. Didn’t know the bus route extended that far west???

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      Yea that’s why. Because of not doing background checks for manufacturing jobs. You are so dumb it hurts with a statement like that. Absolutely zero thought when into your stupid comment. We are all now dumber for having read it. Thank you for that.


      2 V.O.R.
      -Really? Like the bus line would go to Beaver Dam-Just shows how ignorant you are. I bet you think that residents from Beaver Dam are losers too!
      Obviously they also have a growing problem with the very sad drug epidemic and thus probably why more AA are up there (Selling) Look at the recent story of the Fond Du Lac Herion drug bust (Oh yeah-you commented on that also!)-with a stupid ignorant comment.
      I feel sorry for business owner-he just wants to make a living in what he thought would be a “safe” place and do good for himself and the Beaver Dam community. But sad to say not far enough from the cities.

      • Voice of Reason

        If you can get someone to help you look up the definition of sarcasm west allis trailer park resident!!


    Racism???? What a Simpleton. I guess Law Enforcement in an area where they’re already spread as thin as thin can get, are going to waste there time at a Bar because a few Black people frequent the place. Find a better excuse Hajdini. That ones old.

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