Shorewood Sendik’s store closes its doors Sunday, March 5

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SHOREWOOD — The Nehring’s Sendik’s store located on Oakland Avenue in Shorewood is closing its doors.

The news was posted to their Facebook page on Saturday, March 4th. The store says they will be closing their doors at 4:00 p.m. Sunday, March 5th.

Sendik’s on Oakland Closing

It is with sadness that we announce the closing of Sendik’s on Oakland in the coming days.

Sendik’s has been part of the Shorewood community for 90 years and we have loved every day of our 19 years as its owners, getting to know and serve our neighbors and customers and providing the freshest produce and highest quality meats for their families’ dinner tables.

We wish to extend our sincere thank you to Shorewood and our customers for their support and welcome you to continue shopping with us at Nehring’s Sendik’s on Downer (2643 N. Downer Avenue) where many Oakland store staff including Jean and Chef Rob will be moving.

Watch our Facebook page for store hours in the coming days, we do anticipate closing our doors at Sendik’s on Oakland for good early next week.

Again, thank you to our customers and Shorewood neighbors! We love you and hope to see you in the coming days as well as in the future at our Downer Avenue store.

Sincerely & With Warm Regards,

John & Anne

The store says declining business is the reason for the closure.

The Nehring’s Sendik’s on Downer Avenue will remain open.


    • Voice of Reason

      Hell no Robert. Go west on Capitol and spend your money at Whole Paycheck Foods or your friendly neighborhood Walmart!!

    • Jorge

      You might be talking another Sendiks that’s not owned by Johnny and Anne because I worked there and have never seen a costumer complaint about our services

  • Truth Seeker

    Just the sign of the economic collapse. We’ll see more of this coming as we head into the depression.

  • Carol Knitter

    Just heard. Very sad news, as we do most of our grocery shopping with you… but happy we will have the Downer Avenue store. That will now be our primary spot for groceries. See you there!
    We wish you the best!

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