Some neighbors in Oak Creek not happy about plan to bring in FedEx terminal: “Prevent this last vote”

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OAK CREEK -- It may already be a done deal, but a group of neighbors is hoping to deny FedEx the opportunity to build a truck terminal on land in Oak Creek. Those against the project have cited health and safety concerns, but the upside would be new jobs in the area.

Standing outside City Hall in Oak Creek Sunday, March 5th, neighbors said they're running out of time.

"It will be in the midst of several subdivisions," Eleni Domanos said.

They're trying to prevent FedEx from building a truck terminal in an empty field across from their homes on Oakwood Road.

Some neighbors in Oak Creek not happy about plan to bring in FedEx terminal

"We're here because we don't want this terminal in our area. We feel it poses great health hazards, safety hazards," Domanos said.

Domanos said she's hesitant of the added truck traffic, noise and light pollution the terminal would create.

"Prevent this last vote from going through," Maureen Willms said.

Some neighbors in Oak Creek not happy about plan to bring in FedEx terminal

Willms said she's most concerned by exhaust pollution emitted by the fleet of trucks coming in and out of the facility every day.

"It's extremely frustrating to know that they are going to be putting in a large diesel-based facility that is cranking out toxins that will greatly impact all of us," Willms said.

Site of FedEx terminal in Oak Creek

Oak Creek Alderman Mark Verhalen said the original proposal was voted down by the Oak Creek Plan Commission, but said with additional restrictions, the terminal is worthwhile. He said the Plan Commission has laid out stipulations the FedEx terminal must abide by, including added stipulations to reduce idling, noise and light pollution.

"I look at the flip side of it with the type of jobs they are going to provide -- just about all the things, whether it's driving trucks, working in the maintenance building, working in the office," Verhalen said.

Some neighbors in Oak Creek not happy about plan to bring in FedEx terminal

Verhalen said FedEx will put up the money to pay for additional infrastructure costs.

"Finish the last paving on the road. Put in an extra sewer. Put in the extra water, and from my understanding, they've agreed to put in a traffic signal on Oakwood Road," Verhalen said.

But neighbors said the only outcome they're looking for is for this plan to be rejected altogether.

Site of FedEx terminal in Oak Creek

If the Oak Creek Common Council approves additional safety restrictions on Tuesday, March 7th, the project moves forward. The Oak Creek Common Council meets at 7:00 p.m. and the meeting at City Hall is open to the public.


  • Mark Jr

    We want jobs, but we’re going to try and stop them because… light? o.O You’ve got to be kidding me.

  • Opinion8d

    Another example of civil ignorance – do they not realize the Tax Benefits to Oak Creek -and thus them, by having a business in their community?!?! $32M investment, almost 200 jobs….!!! Why doesn’t someone ask these neighbors why they decided to live so close to the freeway if they were concerned with noise and light pollution???

  • Megan Stewart

    Well any of you folks that think we are whining would like to purchase my home on Oakwood where the terminal will literally be on the opposite side of my fence? Give me an offer. You want your children/ grandchildren playing feet away from 300+ semi’s… have at it. You can probably purchase it real cheap because the value of my home and of all of the homes in the neighborhood will plummet. Provide jobs… just blowing smoke. It’ll be providing jobs for a handful and most of them likely wont even be residents of Oak Creek. Fed Ex already has drivers, they’re simply moving the facility from Franklin because they were no longer wanted there.

    • Rick

      When you bought/built your house did you not realize your property was adjacent to commercial/industrial property? Must have thought no one would ever build there. Pretty naive on your part.

      • Megan Stewart

        Pretty naive and judgmental of you to make assumptions. Obviously the land was going to be developed and I have no problem with that. This is just not the appropriate fit for this particular lot. That’s all that we are trying to communicate.

    • Opinion8d

      First off, given that there isn’t an entrance/exit to the freeway on Oakwood – I don’t think the traffic will all be going by your front door -my guess is that they would be using Ryan Rd. As far a safety is concerned, what about the fact that there are train tracks right down the road?? I would be more concerned with open tracks than a fenced off terminal. And the jobs are real -as is the boost to your tax base.

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