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House GOP releases bill replacing Obama health care overhaul

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WASHINGTON  — House Republicans have released their long-awaited bill dismantling much of former President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul. It’s called the American Health Care Act. The measure would roll back the government’s health care role and is expected to result in fewer people having insurance coverage.

House committees planned votes on the legislation Wednesday, March 8th. That will launch perhaps the year’s defining battle in Congress, and GOP success is by no means assured because of internal divisions.

CLICK HERE to read the text of the American Health Care Act

The plan would repeal the law’s fines on people who don’t purchase health insurance. Instead of the statute’s income-based premium subsidies, people would get tax credits based on age. The subsidies would phase out for higher-earning people.

Obama’s expansion of Medicaid to more lower-income people would continue until 2020. The bill would eventually change how the federal government helps finance that program.

House Speaker Paul Ryan posted a series of tweets touting what the GOP plan will offer.


  • polymorph

    Looks good so far but of course the left will demonize it because they can’t comprehend how easy it is to fix snobama care by not having everybody else pay for it or have an extortion charge for not getting it.

  • Opinion8d

    Why in the world are we allowing kids to stay on their parents policy until 26 -especially when they can get it through their own employer?!?!?! These were the ‘healthy’ people they claimed couldn’t afford coverage, because they thought they didn’t need it being young. Instead of making them buy it, or take it (and pay for it) at their job, they stick the cost onto Employer plans (family coverage). Why not just mandate every ‘family’ also gets to pick 1 or 2 people non-related that can also be covered?!?!? This way ‘everyone’ can be covered at the ’employers’ (family plan) expense. All Obama care did was extend entitlement to younger voters (under 26), and raise premiums and out of pocket expenses (high deductibles) for those working!!! Please tell me who in the ghetto is actually paying out of pocket for their health care today??!?! -is it any different (worse) for them than it was prior to Obamacare?

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