The Tristan Crist Magic Theatre is the world’s smallest permanent magic venue

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LAKE GENEVA -- Carl spent the morning in Lake Geneva at the Tristan Crist Magic Theatre. This magic show is the number one rated attraction in Lake Geneva on Trip Advisor. During this show, master illusionist Tristan Crist does magic up close and person. One of his tricks even involves a helicopter. Carl got a behind the scenes look at what goes into making the magic happen.

About the Tristan Crist Magic Theatre (website)

With only 51 seats everyone is close to the action.  The Tristan Crist Magic Theatre is the world's smallest permanent magic venue devoted to large-scale illusion.  Tristan challenges audiences to "catch me if you can" at the start of the show as it seems impossible to be able to create deceptive illusions only feet away from the audience.  This close-up intimacy creates a performance experience that is unequaled. 

The Tristan Crist Magic Theatre has become a truly unique entertainment destination within Lake Geneva with visitors returning multiple times to experience new illusions and magic that are added every month.