“Drink responsibly:” Law enforcement, bar owners stress safety on St. Patrick’s Day weekend

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MILWAUKEE -- Law enforcement will be out in huge numbers this weekend looking for drunk drivers. They want everyone to be safe this St. Patrick's Day, as it's become one of the biggest drinking nights of the year.

Mo's Irish Pub

Patrons at Mo's Irish Pub are in the spirit.

"I love the Irish feel and the Irish culture. This is awesome," said Jasper Powell, Milwaukee.

The Irish-themed pub attracts crowds both near and far. One group of friends traveled all the way from Racine.

"We do it every year. We get a bus and come up from Racine to Mo's every year; we're all here to celebrate St. Patrick's Day," said a woman from Racine.

Many patrons are opting for other means of transportation.

"We're walking anywhere we go, or we are taking the buses offering free rides today," Powell said.

St. Patrick's Day is one of the busiest nights of the year for drunk driving patrols. Mo's Irish Pub Director of Operations, Shad Miller, tells FOX6 safety is a top priority.

"We have security here this evening. We are definitely all about safety, drink responsibly and have a great time no doubt," said Miller.

St. Patrick's Day has fallen on a Friday, and Miller believes it's caused a noticeable spike in pub attendance.

Shad Miller

"It's just been a big party all day long. People will be staying a lot later. We will be here all night long," said Miller.

Die-hard fans of the holiday say the festivities are much more than just an excuse to drink.

"All the love and excitement, you know just getting ready for spring and summer so yeah it's fun," said a woman from Racine.

Friday night, all Milwaukee County buses are free thanks to the Miller Lite Free Rides program. The Milwaukee County Tavern League is also running the "SafeRide" program -- which offers $25 vouchers to pay for rides home. All you have to do is ask a server or other wait staff.

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