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“Good fun:” ‘Moesch Madness’ videos created by Badgers’ Aaron Moesch, Matt Ferris getting lots of play online

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MADISON -- There's plenty of focus and preparation as the Wisconsin Badgers continue their NCAA Tournament run, but there is still plenty of fun involved. Two members of the Badgers hoops team, Matt Ferris and Aaron Moesch have given fans an inside look at the Badgers off the court, with some added flair.

"It started last year, and I think Patrick, our media guy came to us and said 'hey you guys, what do you think about doing some funny videos?' We thought 'we're really not that funny, but we would try and do something,'" Aaron Moesch, Badgers junior forward said.

"Yeah, I mean, obviously everyone sees it as Moesch Madness. That's kinda a touchy subject around here, but Moesch and I are best friends and we live together unfortunately, so they just kinda put us in front of a camera and keep the Badgers fans entertained," Matt Ferris, Badgers sophomore guard said.

Matt Ferris and Aaron Moesch

"Ferry and Moesch, they can really do whatever they want because they don't have to play," Nigel Hayes, Badgers senior forward said.

So where do the ideas come from?

"Really just come out of nowhere. Some of the time we're just doing funny things and we're like 'oh, that could be on camera.' I was taking a nap and I woke up and said 'Matt, we should do this,' so sometimes it just comes to us. We're naturally funny people," Moesch said.

"Sure, one of us is more funny than the other, but I'll let you decide," Ferris said.

Moesch Madness

"I enjoy it. Obviously they're not as funny as what we've done before, but it's definitely, it's good fun. Obviously everyone knows that those are my guys," Hayes said.

"You know, we keep it light. Keep it relaxed. I know a lot of guys on the team think we're not that funny, so we get a lot of crap from them," Moesch said.

Moesch Madness

"Obviously we can't be goof balls all the time. We work hard at practice and we make sure everyone is ready for the games. There comes a point where you have to have that good balance between being tense and also having a little loose, light-hearted side and especially over the last three years that I've been here, we've always been the loosest team and with that comes success, so I don't know if it's correlation or causation but it is what it is," Ferris said.

"I think a lot of the stuff is just spontenaity. As long as they can keep doing that and keep everyone entertained and we can keep winning and they can keep showing their ugly faces, we'll take it," Hayes said.

Moesch Madness

"I heard he called us ugly. We would also like to make a statement. Nigel is the worst looking guy on the team. I think that's simple," Moesch said.

"Objective, not subjective. I don't know," Ferris said.

Moesch Madness

So do they feel that their videos have been a hit because in the social media age, they can be shared on different platforms?

"Absolutely. I mean, my Twitter mentions have been blowing up the last couple days. You can follow me at @Ferris_Matt. But I think people are really latching on to that. We get a lot of tweets after the game. They'll tag us and be like 'oh, another win means another week of Moesch Madness.' So if that's what they're looking forward to. Obviously I don't look forward to that. If I could have a national championship or Moesch Madness for the whole postseason, a national championship hands down, so winning is the most important thing, but with that comes a lot of fun," Ferris said.

Moesch Madness

"Maybe their job of the tournament is to keep everything light and fun. They've been doing a good job of that so I guess our job is to make sure they can do it longer," Hayes said.

So a Final Four or national championship edition would probably take the cake.

Moesch Madness

"Oh yeah! I'm like 95 percent sure that would shut down social media," Ferris said.

Moesch Madness

YOU can watch the Moesch Madness videos HERE on the Wisconsin Badgers Facebook page, or HERE on the Wisconsin Badgers YouTube channel.

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