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Governor Walker says state is still assessing how to help the Jewish Community Center

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Governor Scott Walker

WHITEFISH BAY — Nearly two weeks after he pledged state support for the Jewish Community Center in Whitefish Bay, Governor Scott Walker said Tuesday, March 21st the state is still assessing how best to provide that help on an ongoing basis.

Governor Walker said his office has worked with the Wisconsin State Patrol, the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office, and other law enforcement agencies to ensure law enforcement officers would regularly be on-site at the Whitefish Bay facility.

The JCC has been the target of several bomb threats since the beginning of 2017.

Governor Walker toured the center in early March and met with officials there, where he pledged state intelligence resources and potentially state funding to combat future threats.

“Those were immediate steps to take,” Walker said. “Now as we’ve had people assessing their intelligence issues – not just spending money or resources, but where it’s most effective — it’s trying to figure out where the next step is. Is it helping with additional cameras, is it other equipment? Is it surveillance? Those are things we’re still working with them (on).”

Jewish Community Center — Whitefish Bay

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