Writer alleges Disney copied his plans for ‘Zootopia’

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"Zootopia," Disney Animation Studio's latest film, is bringing in rave reviews as well as big box office projections.

LOS ANGELES — A screenwriter and producer is suing Walt Disney Pictures claiming the studio copied his ideas for the Oscar-winning animated film “Zootopia.”

Gary L. Goldman, whose credits include work on film adaptations of “Total Recall” and “Minority Report,” filed the copyright infringement lawsuit Tuesday in a federal court in Los Angeles. His lawsuit states he pitched his “Zootopia” concept to Disney in 2000 and 2009 and there are substantial similarities between his project and last year’s animated blockbuster.

A message sent to Disney seeking comment was not immediately returned.

The suit states Goldman pitched Disney his “Zootopia” concept as a way to explore life in America through a civilized society of animals. Disney’s “Zootopia” explores prejudice through a bunny’s quest to become a respected police officer in a city where predator and prey co-exist side-by-side.