Putting the “sky” in skyscraper: Design firm suggests wrangling asteroid, hanging building from it

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NEW YORK — A design firm has released concept art for a proposed “floating skyscraper” that’s literally out of this world!

The visionary design firm’s idea puts the “sky” in skyscraper. Clouds Architecture Office has released concept art for the “Analemma Tower,” a floating building that would be strung from an asteroid, orbiting above Earth, using high-strength cabling.

It would be ultra-lightweight, solar-powered and would use water collected from clouds.

The asteroid would be put in a “geosynchronous orbit,” so the tower would always be moving.

It is a lofty concept, but the firm says asteroid-wrangling could be a reality in the future — pointing to NASA’s successful 2015 comet landing as support of their concept.