3 people fall from Ferris wheel at festival in Port Townsend, Washington

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Three people fell an estimated 15 feet from a Ferris wheel ride at the Rododendron Festival at Memorial Field in Port Townsend, Washington, according to a fire official.

The three people were all in the same cart on the Ferris wheel ride, when it abruptly flipped, sending the three people up in the air heading backwards towards the ground, according to Bill Beezley, with the East Jefferson Fire Department. Beezley says all three people landed on the metal casing supporting the Ferris wheel on the ground.

All three people were transported via medical helicopter to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

The three people involved in the incident were described as a 70-year-old woman, a woman in her 40s, and a six-year-old boy, according to Beezley. Their conditions are currently unknown.