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Scrap metal from Milwaukee Bucks arena provides money for Ronald McDonald House

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Milwaukee Bucks metal donation to Ronald McDonald House

MILWAUKEE -- For 17 years, the eastern Wisconsin chapter of the Ronald McDonald House has been collecting aluminum tabs on the top of soda cans that generate money to help families. Just like every other year, this year, they've called on the community to help andĀ a Milwaukee sports team answered the call with more than tabs.

On Thursday morning, May 18th at the construction siteĀ of the new Milwaukee Bucks arena, some of the scrap metal from the project wasĀ donated.

Milwaukee Bucks metal donation to Ronald McDonald House

Mike Sorge

"There's a variety of metal. It's cut off metal deck parts. It's cut off temporary steel handrail supports. It's beams that have been eliminated from the building. It's temporary shoring things, things that are used," said Project Director with Mortenson Construction, Mike Sorge. "Everyone's on board with it because it's important to the environment. It's important to the community and it's the right thing to do."

The tons of scrap metal will be hauled off to United Milwaukee Scrap and turned into money for the Ronald McDonald House.

Milwaukee Bucks metal donation to Ronald McDonald House

Milwaukee Bucks metal donation to Ronald McDonald House

"This is just a dream come true as we partner in a really profound way to help our families," said Bridget Kesner, director of development at Ronald McDonald House.

For years, the Ronald McDonald House has collected pop tabs -- generating needed funds.

"The proceedsĀ will allow us to continue to provide a place for our families to stay when their children are being treated at area hospitals," Kesner said.

The Milwaukee Bucks were called upon to help, and they upped the ante.

"It was a total no-brainer. I mean, you can collect thousands and thousands of pop tops, or you can take some of the materials here that would be recycled anyhow and give to a worthy cause," said Alicia Dupies,Ā VP of social responsibility with the Milwaukee Bucks.

Milwaukee Bucks metal donation to Ronald McDonald House

Last year, the pop tab drive raised $30,000. This year, with the help from Mortenson Construction and the Milwaukee Bucks, that goal will surely be crushed.

You too can help the cause by bringing your pop tabs and other recyclables to United Milwaukee Scrap Saturday, May 20th for "Tab Toss Day." There will be games, food and music from 12:00 p.m. until 2:00 p.m.