Police in Two Rivers issue warning after man allegedly asked boy to get in his vehicle

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Squad car

TWO RIVERS — Police in Two Rivers are issuing a warning after they say a man pulled his vehicle next to a nine-year-old boy on Saturday, June 24th and asked him to get inside.

It happened on Jefferson Street in Two Rivers.

Police said they’re looking for a silver SUV, similar to a Chevrolet Traverse, with a green border around the license plate and rust on the rear wheel wells.

The SUV might have a sticker on the back.

The driver was described as a young man around 16 to 18 years old with dark skin, possibly Hispanic or African-American.

Police said he was wearing a Green Bay Packers shirt and a black baseball hat.

Officers have not found the man or the vehicle.

If you have information about the incident contact the Two Rivers Police Department at 920-686-7200.