Take Me Home Huey, U.S. Army helicopter on display at EAA Aviation Museum

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OSHKOSH -- A U.S. Army Huey helicopter is now on display at the EAA Aviation Museum.

Take Me Home Huey was shot down in 1969 and later transformed into a sculptural art piece.

The artist, Steve Maloney, was inspired by the 50th commemoration of the Vietnam War, and the staggering number of veterans who took their own lives.

He created the exhibit to promote healing and awareness of post-traumatic stress.

Maloney partnered with the "Light Horse Legacy" on the project, a non-profit focused on supporting veterans with PTSD.

"The artwork is to commemorate the aviation units in Vietnam. They are embedded into the artwork. Each one of them is listed. What looks like graffiti on the artwork, is the call signs or the nicknames for the aviation units," Paula Barron, Light House Legacy said.

Take Me Home Huey will be on display until July 30th.

Take Me Home Huey