“A good crowd:” Perfect weather means big business for vendors ahead of U.S. Bank Fireworks Show

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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee's lakefront was a popular place Monday, July 3rd ahead of the big U.S. Bank Fireworks Show! For the vendors, who come from near and far with items to sell to the massive crowds, business was booming on a beautiful day in Milwaukee.

Many vendors said the sunny, cooler, less humid weather contributed to sales.

Dennis Hamilton Jr.

Dennis Hamilton Jr. has been a sales representative with the company Event Toyz for more than two decades.

"Fourth of July is really big. Super Bowl is really big," Hamilton Jr. said.

He said he packed more than 5,000 items into his sale cart Monday. He said it takes time, and a lot of preparation to ensure you pack enough items and decorate your cart for the day. He noted the most popular toy this year were the fidget spinners, which he had in every color you could imagine!

"I've got fidget spinners, but I have seven different kinds of fidget spinners. I've got light up swords, but I've got 19 different types of light up swords," Hamilton Jr. said.

Dennis Hamilton Jr.

Dennis Hamilton Jr.

Those who were hungry could find your traditional Fourth of July treats, like hot dogs and funnel cake, but there was a new flavor added this year -- the Little Havana Express food truck.

"We have five stars on our food. Our number one seller is our Cuban sandwich. It has our slow roasted pork, ham, Swiss cheese and homemade Cuban lime sauce. Our plantains are awesome. They're very, very sweet," a food truck official said.

When the sun set, however, it would be the fireworks that would capture everyone's attention.

Hamilton Jr. said the best part of the fireworks show each year is interacting with his customers.

"You have people who have camped out beforehand, and the ones that trickle down at the last minute, but we have a good crowd so far and I can't wait for everybody to get down here and we can see these fireworks. I love the people. I love the environment," Hamilton Jr. said.

Prices for the toys at Hamilton Jr.'s cart range from $5 to $15.

Lakefront ahead of U.S. Bank Fireworks Show