Milwaukee police officers make time for game of ‘Cans’ with 10-year-old boy

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MILWAUKEE — Even the men and women in blue need some time to decompress. During the busy Fourth of July, a group of Milwaukee police officers took a few minutes of their day to play “Cans” with a young boy near 36th and Villard.

The department posted some photos taken from the visit, where 10-year-old Jordan challenged the officers to a game of Cans. It was shared along with this message:

“This is on 36th and Villard. The officers were called out to the house because a family member was off her meds and was causing a problem. Officers were able to de-escalate her and was then challenged to a game of Cans. Officer Majeed accepted the challenge from my 10 year old. Officer was beating him early with a score of 60 to 20. Jordan was able to hit a long attempt beating the officer 130 to 100. My son was smiling ear to ear then was given some cool basketball cards!!!!!!”

Way to go, Milwaukee police!