Mother, father and son charged with maintaining drug trafficking house out of Racine County

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RACINE COUNTY -- A family affair of the disturbing kind. A mother, father and son have been charged with maintaining a drug trafficking house. The trio live in the Town of Waterford in Racine County. Authorities say the drugs were shipped in from three different states.

The 56-year-old mother, Pamela Mucha -- 53-year-old father, James Mucha -- and their son, 25-year-old Joseph Mucha appeared in court Wednesday, July 5th. They all waived their preliminary hearing and pleaded not guilty.

Pamela Mucha

Agents executed a search warrant at their River Bay Road home in the Town of Waterford, and upon entering, agents could "immediately smell fresh marijuana."

Prosecutors say Joseph Mucha "receives large quantities of marijuana shipped through the mail and sells it."

He stated he normally gets it from Colorado, California and Oregon.

James Mucha

Agents found more than $60,000 in the home, $50,000 of which was on top of Joseph's bed under a large teddy bear.

"Surprised. Blown away," said Dave Spurlock, neighbor.

Joseph Mucha

Spurlock lives a couple of houses down from the family, but admitted he didn't really know the family.

"No, we really don't. I mean, we've lived here for awhile, but we don't interact whatsoever," said Spurlock.

Joseph Mucha said his parents were not involved, but one investigator advised that based on the "odor" in the residence and items in "plain view," including scales and packaging material -- it would be hard to believe James and Pamela Mucha did not know what was going on -- so they're charged with maintaining a drug trafficking place as party to a crime.

Joseph Mucha also faces possession with intent to deliver or manufacture THC and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Joseph Mucha