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Flexibility stretches you can do to get Fashionably Fit

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As we get older we can start to lose our range of motion -- but there are ways to keep yourself limber for longer. Ashley Haag of fASHionably Fit shows some stretches that will improve our flexibility and balance.

Workout #1 to help your back

  • Using a stability ball, reach forward as far as you can
  • Child pose stretch
  • Cat and cow stretches
  • Reach your right arm and left leg out; have your knee and elbow meet without touching the ground (like a crunch)

Workout #2 to help your hips

  • Lie on your back and lift feet up to the ceiling; put workout band around one foot and lay the other foot down. Pull the lifted leg towards you
  • Hamstring stretches

Benefits of being flexible

  • Quicker reaction times
  • More stability

Reminder: Don't forget to warm up!

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