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Boy arrested in stolen car after burglary victim, activist pleaded with him to turn himself in

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Burglary suspect arrested in Brown Deer

RIVERWEST -- Fifteen years old and on the run for weeks. Milwaukee police confirmed for FOX6 News a teenager wanted in connection with a series of crimes is behind bars at the Milwaukee County Juvenile Detention Facility. The teen allegedly went online and bragged about stealing cars for weeks. Members of the community, including a victim allegedly targeted by this teen, reached out to him on social media, begging him to stop. On Wednesday night, July 5th, police caught up to him.

Police say a vehicle pursuit ended in a crash Wednesday night near Teutonia and Atkinson. Officials got the 15-year-old who's been eluding them. Police say the car the suspect was driving was taken in a burglary in Brown Deer. Police say the teen may be involved in two other residential burglaries and a burglary at a business.

"He plays the game. He plays it well," said Kosta Agoudemos, burglary victim.

Agoudemos had communicated with the 15-year-old on Facebook after the teen and another young person allegedly stole two vehicles and burglarized Agoudemos' home near Garfield and Reservoir, as he and his wife slept on June 23rd.

Kosta Agoudemos

One vehicle was recovered June 26th in Glendale. One person was taken into custody. The second vehicle was recovered that same day in Milwaukee -- near 97th and Thurston. Four people were taken into custody. Two people were arrested near 91st and Silver Spring, and police said they believe the suspects may have been involved in the burglary and car thefts.

As for the 15-year-old, Agoudemos said he tried to reason with him.

"We want our stuff back and we don't want you to lose your life or you to end somebody else's life," said Agoudemos.

Community activist Tory Lowe got the 15-year-old on the phone and spoke with him for about an hour. The boy said he's been living in the streets since age 12.

Tory Lowe

"Just having fun. Getting on Facebook, showing how many cars he stole. Talking about it. Bragging on it. The money. How he's doing this and that. That shows no concern. That shows no remorse," said Lowe.

Lowe tried to get him to turn himself in.

"We would help him. Try to get him rehabilitated and turn his story into something positive, and I gave him a choice: If you let us turn you in, then we'll help you," said Lowe.

"There's a part of me that wants to be empathetic to what he's gone through in life, but that part kind of gets enveloped by the fact of how many people he put in danger," said Agoudemos.

Agoudemos said he believes in second chances, but this 15-year-old used up more than that.

"I will do my best to let the D.A. know and let the judge know that this individual is not worthy of the juvenile treatment," said Agoudemos.

Sources say this particular young man is responsible for crimes not only in Milwaukee, but numerous suburbs as well.

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