Travel back in time to Old World Wisconsin

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EAGLE -- For four weeks in July and August Old World Wisconsin hosts adventure day camps. There are camps for first graders through high schoolers. Everything from an amazing race through time which is a scavenger hunt through the 1800s and 1900s, pioneer power which teaches how simple machines work and more. FOX6's Brian Kramp experiences what it would be like to live in Wisconsin centuries ago.

About Old World Wisconsin (website)

It is appropriate that Old World Wisconsin was opened in 1976. There could no better way to commemorate 200 years of American history than by vividly recreating the sights, sounds and spirit of this country at its birth.

The museum’s more than 60 historic structures range from ethnic farmsteads with furnished houses and rural outbuildings, to the 1880’s Village with its traditional small-town institutions. The efforts of countless historians have preserved an amazing slice of true Americana — one that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Historic Structures Documented
To create this museum, researchers traveled throughout Wisconsin in search of authentic historic buildings hewn by generations of Wisconsin settlers.

From Lake Superior to the Illinois border, and from the Mississippi River to Lake Michigan, historians documented many old farmhouses, outbuildings, and small-town structures.Once the research was complete, the amazing construction process of Old World Wisconsin began.