“A special party:” Big giveaways, including free admission for life mark last day of Summerfest’s 50th

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MILWAUKEE -- Sunday, July 9th marks the final day of Summerfest's 50th, and Milwaukee World Festival officials are celebrating with prizes.

Many have shared that Summerfest's 50th edition has had special meaning, especially for those who grew up attending the Big Gig.

Summerfest Fan for Life

Among the giveaways Sunday were 50-year commemorative books and 11-day Power Passes. One of the most talked about prizes was free admission to Summerfest's 51st! That was offered from noon to 3:00 p.m. to the first 30,000 fans.

"We got tickets to next year, so we're excited about that!" a visitor said.

Those individuals had their names placed into a drawing for free admission for life!

Summerfest's 50th: Last day giveaways

Summerfest officials said it's the fans who have made this festival the world's largest music festival.

Last day of Summerfest's 50th

"I want to say 'thank you,' for starters. Everyone who came out to Summerfest this year, I hope you had a blast. This year was a special party, and I mean, I got a little nostalgic this year and I don't usually do that. There's a lot of things that we've done through the years. There's a lot of bands that have come through this thing. We are not only looking in the past, but we are also looking toward the future," Bob Babisch, VP of entertainment for Summerfest said.

Last day of Summerfest's 50th

Michael Collins said he decided to document the 11-day event for his blog, "Behind the Cheddar Curtain."

Michael Collins

"I really enjoy meeting people. I try to meet someone new every day. I try to see the local bands performing on the big stages," Collins said.

He said in order to achieve the content he wanted, he spent four to six hours each day at the Big Gig. He said it started to fell like work.

"I'm getting a little tired. I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow," Collins said.

He said the experience was worth it, because 50 is a milestone for anyone, including him.


"This year I'm 50 and Summerfest is 50 so I thought what a great opportunity to come all 11 days and write about it," Collins said.

Big Gig officials said planning for Summerfest 2018 starts immediately, and we're told next year's lineup is already in motion.

"I hope they go for 50 more years. I'll be here until I can't walk anymore," Lisa Rivera said.


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