“I have seen flooding, but not this bad:” Flash flooding made for dangerous driving conditions in Kenosha

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KENOSHA -- Flash flooding in Kenosha made for dangerous driving conditions Monday morning, July 10th. With cars under water and motorists stranded, police shut down roads as DPW crews worked to drain the water.

Justin Conklin

The rain came down quick, catching drivers in Kenosha off-guard.

"There are people who just kept driving into the water," said Justin Conklin, Jantz Towing.

Police shut down flooded streets, but some drivers were stranded.

"They didn't know how deep it was until they got in there," said Conklin.

Flash flooding in Kenosha

Flash flooding in Kenosha

For Conklin, with Jantz Towing, it was a soggy start to the work week.

"Water up to our necks. Me and another guy out here," said Conklin.

Conklin said the cars flooded so fast, the driver of an SUV had to get out before he could tow it.

"He just opened up the back hatch. He climbed out," said Conklin.

Flash flooding in Kenosha

Flash flooding in Kenosha

You should always remember the rule of thumb: Turn around, don't drown. Kenosha police said they want people to stay away from standing water like this. You really can't tell how deep it is just by looking at it.

Flash flooding in Kenosha

It was a messy morning commute near 75th Street and 57th Avenue. The water was up to mailboxes.

"The streets are flooded. My neighborhood was flooded. The whole parking lot here was flooded," said Jason Makar, driver.

DPW crews tried to determine what caused the backup. They brought in a front loader to help.

"Our water infrastructure is not set up for this today," said Makar.

Conklin said he can't remember flash flooding like this.

"I have seen flooding, but not this bad," said Conklin .

Flash flooding in Kenosha

He said he's hopeful rain later in the week will not lead to more flooding.

Kenosha police said there were no injuries due to this storm.