“Conduct has escalated:” $10K bail for man accused of fleeing standoff after domestic incident in Waukesha

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Nasar Gregory

WAUKESHA COUNTY -- Nasar Gregory is accused of strangling, biting and beating his girlfriend and striking her children. It all happened Friday, July 7th and Gregory was on the run until he turned himself in on Sunday, July 9th. He made his initial court appearance on Tuesday, July 11th.

His girlfriend was in court to watch the preceding and was led out under the protection of a Waukesha County deputy.

At 24 years old, Gregory has been arrested 19 times in the past -- many of the arrests occurring when he was a juvenile.

Nasar Gregory

"His conduct over the years has escalated. He's violated extended supervision at least 12 times," said Margaret Kunish, prosecutor.

This time,  he faces a possible 24 years behind bars.


A call for help Sunday morning from a child brought police to a Waukesha home. The victims, Nasar's girlfriend and three children, managed to escape through a window.

According to the complaint, Tiffany, Nasar's girlfriend, explained that "on the afternoon of July 6th, she was at Waukesha Memorial Hospital and received treatment for a seizure or neurological disorder. As a result of that treatment, she had wires attached to her scalp, which she was to wear for 48 hours. She believed the wires to be connected to an electric power source, as the wires were connected to a box which were clipped near her belt line. She was wearing this device at the time the defendant dumped water on her head."

Nasar Gregory

The victim told investigators she was able to get her and the children into a lower level bedroom, where they climbed out the window to escape.

Nasar Gregory

According to the criminal complaint, Nasar's girlfriend, Tiffany, told police that an hour prior to the 911 call, made by her children, she had been with Gregory in the lower level bedroom, when she became warm and decided to sleep in a different room in the house. Tiffany claims Gregory had been drinking and that when she said she would sleep in another room, it set him off.

Tiffany says Gregory had been getting agitated very easily lately, and that on this occasion he blew up and spit in her face three times. She claims Gregory then threw a cup of water on her head, which she believed was an attempt to electrocute her.

Gregory got away, and was seen headed for Milwaukee on a bus.

After a plea from the victim and others, Gregory turned himself in to community activist, Tory Lowe and private investigator Daniel Storm, who brought him to jail. Lowe said Gregory was afraid because his brother was killed by police, and Lowe believes fear created problems for both parties in this case.


"He bit her, punched her, strangled her. The victims -- a 17-year-old, 11-year-old and 10-year-old were all present and were awakened due to this incident and tried to help their mom. He pushed one of the children and tried to punch the second child but ended up punching the same child he initially pushed," said Kunish.

Nasar Gregory

The defense attorney asked that Gregory be released on a $1,000 cash bail. The prosecutor asked for $25,000. The judge gave him $10,000 with an order that he have no contact with any of the victims or witnesses.

Gregory is now going to get an attorney. He thought one of the community activists who helped turn him in would be his attorney, but that wasn't the case.