Caught on camera: Suspects escape, run after stolen car slams into tree, flips “maybe 4 or 5 times”

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SUPERIOR TOWNSHIP, Michigan — Police in Michigan are looking for several suspects accused of stealing a car and speeding through a neighborhood. The car ended up slamming into a tree and rolling several times, coming to rest in a front yard. The suspects managed to get away.

The quiet on Barrington Street in Superior Township was interrupted by the crash.

“They lost control and flipped and ended up about six houses down,” Melissa Frutos said.

Frutos’ son’s vehicle was damaged in the crash. The suspect vehicle was stolen from Pittsfield Township.

“The victims are clearly the people who had their car stolen and my son,” Frutos said. “My understanding is they were doing 60 to 70 miles-per-hour, lost control of the car, hit my son’s car, which was parked right over here,” Frutos said.

The crash was caught on camera, and perhaps the most fascinating part of the video is the fact that the suspects managed to escape the wreckage and run away.

“I’m amazed these kids were able to escape the way they did. The vehicle was smoking it looked like it flipped maybe four or five times,” Frutos said.

Frutos said a kid seen limping in the video isn’t a suspect.

“Looks like he’s limping, but he actually just doesn’t have any shoes on, and I think that was one of our neighbors running from the car after checking it to make sure that everybody was OK,” Frutos said.

As for the suspects who did run after the crash, Frutos had this to say:

“(I hope) they get caught, they can serve their punishment, we can get the damages repaired and they can move on,” Frutos said.

Those with information that could help with this investigation have been asked to contact the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office.