Eww? Thief targeting dirty laundry at laundromats in Menasha: “It is kind of weird!”

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MENASHA — A thief in Menasha is targeting laundromats — and stealing dirty clothing!

When doing the wash, most people don’t expect their dirty laundry is something a thief would want to get their hands on, but on Racine Street in Menasha, a laundromat has been targeted twice, which has made some a bit uneasy.

“It is kind of weird! I don’t leave the laundromat, just because you never know what’s going to happen. It’s just weird! Why would you want to take someone else’s clothing?” Michelle Metz said.

Police say in one case, the suspect was even confronted after taking the laundry. He’s described as standing 5’9″ tall, with blonde hair and green dreadlocks.

So far, the motive isn’t entirely clear.


“Kind of strange. When you have something like this happen, obviously one of our concerns would be that we do have some historically, you know, police departments have dealt with fetish issues with certain types of clothing. We don’t believe that’s the case in this one, because one was primarily male clothing, and the other one was female and male clothing,” Menasha Police Chief Tim Styka said.

Investigators took a look at  surveillance footage at the laundromat and at nearby businesses to see if they could capture an image of the suspect.

In Fox Crossing, another laundromat, also on Racine Street was targeted as well.

Police are asking that anyone who notices something suspicious to report it to police right away.


“It is very shocking, taking someone else’s laundry. Who knows what else is going to happen. I’m always looking around because you never know,” Metz said.