Members of ’82 Milwaukee Brewers World Series team reunite at Miller Park: “It’s pretty neat!”

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MILWAUKEE — The party at Miller Park Saturday, July 15th began well before the Milwaukee Brewers/Philadelphia Phillies game, as the 1982 World Series team was honored.

Members of the only World Series team in Brewers history returned for the on-field celebration and the weekend-long party honoring the 35th anniversary season.

Bud Selig joined his former players for the reunion as well.


Loved by many, the 1982 AL Champion Milwaukee Brewers celebrated their 35th anniversary with plenty of fan support. It’s a long-term love that isn’t surprising in Milwaukee.

“It’s pretty neat that they remember us. It’s been a long time, but that’s how people in Milwaukee and the state of Wisconsin are. They really back their team and it’s proven again this year that if you win and play hard they will come out and watch you play and that’s what they did in ’82 and they are doing again with this team,” Jim Gantner, former Brewers second baseman said.

“The one judgement I made back in the 60s was that this was a Major League city, and what with the Braves gone, and the hurt, people were saying, ‘are you sure that they can support baseball?’ And fans have never let me down,” Selig said.

A big month of July continues for Selig as he prepares for his upcoming Baseball Hall of Fame induction coming up on July 30th.