Wauwatosa police issue warning after 4 armed carjackings in 4 days

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WAUWATOSA — Wauwatosa police are issuing  warning after a recent rash of carjackings — four in four days!

They happened along W. North Avenue, generally in the area near Tosa Liquor.

Police said in each incident, the suspects were described as two black males and a black female.

The incidents remain under investigation.

Wauwatosa police shared details about the four carjackings taking place between Friday, July 14th through Monday, July 18th with officials with Historic East Tosa, and they shared the details on Facebook:


“I wanted to give you some information as to what has occurred over the weekend and this morning. There have been four armed carjackings over the weekend and this morning.

Friday night
Saturday night
Sunday night
Monday morning (today)

There is limited information unfortunately at this time. No suspect vehicles were observed in any of the carjackings. One of the victim’s vehicles was recovered a short time ago near N. 20th and W. Meinecke in Milwaukee. In each of these incidents, the suspects were described as two black males and a black female. We believe that each incident was perpetrated by the same crew. The locations were along W. North Ave, generally in the area of Tosa Liquor (6600 block W. North Ave.) I will try to get updated information when I can. These incidents are currently under investigation.

Some quick reminders:

-If you see something that you feel is suspicious, call the police promptly. It’s better to have the police check it out and have it turn out to be nothing. The officers want to catch this crew, so they are not being “bothered” if you call in a suspicious person or vehicle.

-Be aware of your surroundings. Pay attention to vehicles or people that you don’t recognize on your block. Is there a car parked and occupied on your block? How long? Why?

-Remember, the police are trained to look for suspicious things, but nobody knows better than someone who actually lives on the block. Call us promptly if you feel that something is out of place.

Officer Daniel J. Kane
Wauwatosa Police Department
Community Support Division
(414) 471-8430 Ext. 5114