U.S. Marshals need help to track down 2 sex offenders all labeled as homeless

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MILWAUKEE COUNTY -- Four men on the wrong side of the law all have been convicted as a sex offender in Milwaukee County. More than one is labeled as homeless and have cut off their GPS monitoring devices.

Bobby McChriston

We start with Bobby McChriston, who is now considered a homeless sex offender. U.S. Marshals say he's cut off his GPS monitoring device. Since our FOX6 Most Wanted report aired, McChriston is now in custody.

“Due to the fact that he hasn't registered now as a sex offender which is a requirement of his conviction,” the agent said.

McChriston was convicted for sexual assault of a child -- authorities say the victim was 11-years-old.

“He's not being monitored which makes him a severe risk to the community,” the agent explained.

Sydney Wyatt

Next is Sydney Wyatt -- also a sex offender. Agents say in 2001, Wyatt was convicted of sexual assault of a child. His victim was 12-years-old.

“He's also considered a homeless sex offender because any residence he proposed did not comply with Milwaukee’s sex registry," said the agent.

Wyatt's warrant was issued in May, when he cut off his GPS monitoring device. You may recognize him by the scar on his left eye brow and the birthmark on his nose.

“The warrant's not going to go away and these guys need to know even though they are considered homeless they have the option of turning themselves in and that`s going to look better for them," said the agent.

Joseph Harbour

Lastly, agents are looking for Joseph Harbour, a man who has connections across the City of Milwaukee.

“He was placed on a GPS tracker within day of his release from prison he cut his bracelet off," the agent said.

Harbour goes by the nicknames of "JOJO" and "NUNU." He has scars on his body from previous gunshot wounds. He's also considered homeless.

“They do serve a risk to the community they're not being monitored they should be monitored,” agents say.

Brenson Parks

Lastly, Brenson Parks, a man who has a history of armed robbery, domestic violence and sexual assault. Since our FOX6 Most Wanted report aired, Brenson is now in custody.

Agents say with your help these remained three men can get back on the right side of the law.

If you have information that could help Marshals track these suspects down, you're encouraged to contact the tip line at 414-297-3707. You will remain anonymous.

Update: Brenson Parks was taken into custody as of Wednesday, July 26th, thanks to an anonymous tip from a concerned citizen.