“Last thing he ever gave me:” Uncle of murder victim says late nephew’s dog stolen from his backyard

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MILWAUKEE -- Months after a death in his family, something else has been taken from a Milwaukee man: His deceased nephew's dog. He says Chino was stolen from his backyard, and he's now desperate to get the dog back.

Jermaine Crittenden, 28, was killed in April, in a drive-by shooting near 28th and Meinecke, and now, someone has stolen his dog.

"My twin brother's son. He was just...he was a nice guy," Randy Crittenden, Jermaine's uncle said.

Jermaine Crittenden

In the months since Jermaine's passing, there was still something his uncle could hold onto, amid his grief: Chino and Blow, two dogs who belonged to Jermaine.

Randy Crittenden

"After Jermaine died, it was just like, the last thing he ever gave me," Randy Crittenden said.

Randy Crittenden said old wounds were reopened when someone stole Chino from his apartment near Swan and Brown Deer Road.

"I just feel like someone just came and took one of my kids," Randy Crittenden said.

Crittenden said someone pushed the gate open from the outside.

"I always keep the gate locked with the cooler right there pushed up against it," Randy Crittenden said.

Randy Crittenden

While Jermaine was taken from him without warning, Randy Crittenden said there's still a chance he can get Chino back.

"I feel angry, mad, sad. I feel just -- I just feel more sad than mad that someone would take, like, a member of the family," Randy Crittenden said.


Chino and Blow


He's now plastering the neighborhood with fliers, and offering a $500 reward for Chino's safe return.

"I just beg for your sympathy. If you all could, you can just come back with no questions asked," Randy Crittenden said.

Randy Crittenden said even his other dog feels lost without Chino. He said she won't bark and doesn't like to go on walks anymore.

If you know where Chino could be, you're asked to call (414) 759-7630 or (414) 803-5818.