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“All hands on deck:” Schools That Can Milwaukee gathers school leaders to talk about race, culture

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MILWAUKEE -- Educators gearing up for the 2017-2018 school year came together Monday, July 24th to discuss how to solve problems dealing with race and culture.

A group dance got the energy level up, and created a positive mood on a Monday morning as more than 100 Milwaukee principals and instructional leaders prepared to take on a tough topic: Respecting race and culture.

Andy Vitrano

"This is life and death for the children of Milwaukee," said Andy Vitrano, Schools that Can director of partnerships.

The event, organized by Schools that Can Milwaukee, involved nationally-recognized experts and training for educators aimed at improving the lives of their students.

"It is really about, how do I survive, and then not only survive, but how do I thrive?" said Vitrano.

It was also an opportunity for educators to network and learn from each other.

"They're going to be challenged to think critically about what they believe from their own inherent biases to their own belief systems, and then ultimately moving that into a practical experience," said Vitrano.

Schools that Can Milwaukee supports school leaders in Milwaukee Public Schools, independent charter and private Choice schools.

"They come to us because they want a better life," said Judith Parker, principal of Milwaukee Collegiate Academy.

Judith Parker, principal of Milwaukee Collegiate Academy

Parker said she felt attending this event could give her new insights in her mission to ensure her students graduate, and are accepted into college.

"When you're in a city that is known to have the largest achievement gap in the country, it is all hands on deck. They want more opportunities," said Parker.

The event continues through Tuesday, July 25th.

Schools that Can Milwaukee supports educators throughout the school year, through similar events.

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