Greenfield police seek suspects who stole car, led pursuit; “We will identify and apprehend them”

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GREENFIELD -- Greenfield police chased three men in a stolen car. It happened early Saturday morning, July 22nd -- and dash cam video obtained by FOX6 News shows how police worked to catch those involved.

"They attempted to stop this car and it fled from them, and they ended up chasing it into the City of Milwaukee," said Captain Ray Radakovich with the Greenfield Police Department.

Pursuit by Greenfield Police Department

While checking the area, dash cam video shows officers believed they'd found the stolen car they were looking for.

"Our officers came across another vehicle that was taking off at a high rate of speed," Radakovich said.

Pursuit by Greenfield Police Department

The officers began to tail them only to find...

Capt. Ray Radakovich of the Greenfield Police Department

"As he caught up to it, he realized it wasn't the initial stolen car -- but another stolen car," Radakovich said.

Next, there was a pursuit that led onto the freeway, where police performed a PIT (Pursuit Intervention Technique) maneuver on the car multiple times. The pursuit ended at the Marquette Interchange not long after it began.

The car spun out and three unidentified black males ditched the vehicle and ran away.

"The investigation is still ongoing. As you see from the video, the driver and passengers who flee from the vehicle are hard to identify from this distance," Radakovich said.

Pursuit by Greenfield Police Department

Officers found drugs, guns, ammunition and other illegal items inside the stolen car.

"We do have other leads that we are investigating right now -- and we feel confident that sometime in the future we will identify and apprehend them," Radakovich said.

Greenfield police say DNA evidence as well as fingerprints left inside the car will help identify the suspects and lead to an arrest.

If you have any information on who those three men are, you're asked to contact the Greenfield Police Department.

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